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    While everything around me is ever changing, ever dying, there is underlying that change a living power that is changeless, that holds all together, that creates, dissolves and recreates....For I can see in the midst of death, life persists, in the midst of untruth, truth persists, in the midst of darkness light persists ~Mohandas K. Gandhi Site Fights Spirit Counter

    twenty. loud. addicted to certain fandoms. reads fanfiction. likes to twist the written word. can talk about anything under the sun (and thats the problem). This blog is a compilation of my thoughts and my you know it wont be very interesting. ;)

    Wednesday, October 26, 2005

    Why does everybody lie? You know, the bad guys lie to get in your bed… and the good guys… lie to get in your heart(!) And I’m the idiot that falls for it every time(!)

    -One Tree Hill

    This morning, I awoke on a completely strange bed, bewildered to find a boy on either side of me. I blinked rapidly and then breathed a sigh of relief to remember that oops, fell asleep in a groupmates house doing an assignment. It didnt occur to me though that tiptoing to the kitchen and looking for water, while telling a stunned housemate something about how exhausted I was from las night, realising his expression was one of shock, trying to then clarify my stance by saying there were three of us in the room..yeah. Two points for me.

    Last night was interesting as it consisted of us three group mates karaokeing to boys to men in the university labs past one am and THEN getting caught by the guards. Whoops. At one point, we picked a friend up and parked the car out by the road, had r n b blasting and we danced by the road for a full on ten minute sweat session. Ah, releasing stress in idiotic dancing behaviour.

    The ball and its aftermath, btw, was interesting. Would have been a ton better had I not been so exhausted. Went to town with a friend to get my hair done, and that friend went off to do her hair because she had an appointment, while I wandered by myself around the mall for a while, completely bewildered. I wasnt sure where to go or even what to do with my hair. Met some friends, who recommended curls, and they even went to the salon with me, which made my day. WIth the accessories and shoes, the dress wasnt so bad.

    Sat with a good group of friends, was first at the dessert table =D and took pictures with random people I'll never see again. I dont think I have even one picture, really. I dont know, I was so out of it. We went clubbing afterwards, and I swear, walking into a club in your 'ball wear' is kinda spiffy.

    Sunday was more interesting. There was a big end of teh year uni party the club, and well, it was uni students at their most intoxicated, I suppose. I went with the girls, and thats always fun, tearing at the dance floor. Then they had the usual games, girl dancing on the bar gets a free jug of beer, boys who strip to boxers get 50 rm cash( lol, one of our boys ran up to do it, the other one was stripped!), girls who take off their bras get 250 rm (NO TAKERS!), couple had to find the most creative ways to lick the salt off their partner. Yeah. It was interesting, to say the least.

    Someone told me that they used to know me as "that girl with long hair." Hm.

    Polls end today, and not a moment too soon. God, I hate this tension. I feel Ive already lost because Im just not local. Bitter but true. Tomorrow at this time, y'all wil find out. Just dont be too sympathetic, I honestly can say I've already lost.

    Brunei this weekend. Whee? Brothers wedding and packing up of all my stuff. Yeah. Family leaving Brunei very soon.

    Exams. And have I studied? no! Grr to me.


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