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    While everything around me is ever changing, ever dying, there is underlying that change a living power that is changeless, that holds all together, that creates, dissolves and recreates....For I can see in the midst of death, life persists, in the midst of untruth, truth persists, in the midst of darkness light persists ~Mohandas K. Gandhi Site Fights Spirit Counter

    twenty. loud. addicted to certain fandoms. reads fanfiction. likes to twist the written word. can talk about anything under the sun (and thats the problem). This blog is a compilation of my thoughts and my you know it wont be very interesting. ;)

    Sunday, December 24, 2006

    It's Christmas Eve day, both an eve and a day. A Christmas miracle!

    Christmas,for the most part, these days, has lost whatever it was supposed to mean these days. Commercialism and gift buying has taken over. You join in the mad rush of finding the perfect present for just the right people, that adrenaline surge, the stress, the chaos, the worry, the penny pinching, the money budgeting, the blowing of the budget, the excitement of the entire season.

    And underneath it all, all that is just toppings over the yayness of seeing your loved ones and celebrating with them. No matter what religion you are, Christmas, I believe anyway, just has that sense of goodwill that is easily caught by all, even if just a smidge.

    I fall for it everytime.

    Even if this is my first Christmas and New Years without my family. My 'adopted' families have made me feel loved.

    Its been a long year, and I cant wait for 2007 to kick in.

    Merry Christmas, everyone.


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